Affordable No Nonsense Solutions

Affordable no nonsense solutions for no nonsense people. Do you need assistance choosing your next computer, installing software, have virus and adware issues, have a general computer related question, or are you in need of a full scale network installation, disaster recovery plan, or training program? Affordable Technical Services(ATS) can help.

  • Assistance with computer purchasing decisions.
  • Individual or Group Training
  • General Computer Technical Support
  • Network Design and Installation
  • Complete or turnkey Web site planning and development.

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The ATS approach is somewhat unique. We recognize that everyone's technology requirements are not the same. Unlike many of the self proclaimed "technical guru's," ATS acknowledges that every person and every company has their own well established way of doing things called "workflow." All to often we hear of a company or individual locked into some "cookie cutter" technology. This not only requires them to spend more time and money to understand that technology, but then they must change their established workflows and processes dramatically, becoming slaves to that technology. At ATS we recognize that solutions that fit other individuals or companies may not be for you. It doesn't matter if you are a parent purchasing your college bound delinquent a laptop, or the CIO of a multi-million dollar company integrating systems. Someone needs understand your needs and be on your side when it comes to making decisions about technology and this is where ATS comes in. We will listen to your current needs, understand your workflow, help identify your future needs, help you spend wisely, and provide training and support as necessary.

"Computers and technology are just tools. Their primary purpose is to make our daily chores easier."
                                                                                                                                Miles-Kevin Baron